Attention Mr. President: We’ve Got Your Gray Hair Solution Right Here!

While President Obama is pitching campaign donors from Air Force One and lamenting that the presidency has triggered his abundance of gray hair, I’ve  made it our mission at Rise-N-Shine to restore the president’s image to his former hip and youthful self!

Now I’m not exactly sure how his challenger, Mitt Romney, feels about his own salt-n-pepper hair either, but I’m exercising my patriotic right as an American to offer both President Obama and former Gov. Romney the easiest and best solution for all of those gray hairs that seem to be cropping up between them.   Whether you’re a democrat, a republican or an independent, I’m sure we can all agree that we’d like our politicians on the presidential campaign trail to look vibrant, energized and youthful!  And although a physical approval rating isn’t what’s most important in any election, we as proud Americans still want the leader of the free world to not only act the part, but to look the part too.

How much easier could preventing gray hair be while on an exhausting campaign junket? Simply take two Go Away Gray™ capsules daily and watch natural color gradually grow back from the root in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. What both contenders are respectfully unaware of and what my fellow Americans (customers!) already know is that the science behind this wonderfully effective pill is the potent enzyme Catalase.  This enzyme helps to keep naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in our bodies in check, but as we age and catalase levels decrease, hydrogen peroxide basically takes over bleaching our hair from the inside out.

While both candidate’s grey tresses may be nature’s biological handiwork, nature can now reverse the gray safely with our all-natural, completely chemical free formula.  With continued use, the new growth of natural hair color happens gradually, and with the campaign trail heating up and election day closing in, now’s the time for change for everyone!  As a bi-partisan gesture and in the spirit of competition, Rise-N-Shine is offering both President Obama and Mitt Romney a lifetime supply of Go Away Gray™ —  may the best-tressed hair win!

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